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Tthe Songwriter’s Demo Service Company Directory which is   provided to make it easier for you, the songwriter, to do your research.  Click below to find a demo service company which is suitable for your songwriting needs.

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Sybrina Publishing encompasses musical compositions and reference material for writers of fiction.  Click on an icon below to browse other offerings.


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One of the coolest opportunities available to songwriters these days can be found online at music productions sites.  The 2 listed below offer free memberships so that you can try them out to see if you like what they offer.  You will have the ability to create musical productions for yourself.  You can even upload your own vocals in MP3 format and then build a musical composition around it.  Be sure to use a metronome or something to set the tempo.  You’ll be surprised at how creative you can be even if you don’t have any real musical skills.

Indaba Music—Here you can find all the tools you need to develop your skills, network, produce music or further your career.

Ujam—This site is a cloud-based platform that empowers everybody to easily create new music or enhance their existing musical talent and share it with friends.

The Eyes Say It All Collection

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How about getting your songs on Internet Radio—Pay for Play?

Jango Airplay—This site is a lot like Pandora.  You set up your own radio station by picking up to 30 artists that you like.  Then, you will hear those artists plus others who sound like them.  For singers and bands, if you think you sound like a particular artist, then you select their songs to be played around yours.  Jango says you will get guaranteed airplay to millions of listeners.  You set it up on a monthly fee—$30.00 will get you 1,000 Play Credits.  Check out my Jango Station.

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Writer Tracks — This is a very cool website.  The music tracks have already been orchestrated and are ready for you to choose one that will fit with your music!  Check it out.

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At last, the enchanting age old story of the rabbit and the fox is available for teaching the art of tying a simple, yet elegant knot in a tie.  For generations, this endearing old world mnemonic* was passed from father to son by word of mouth only...Click the logo on the left to watch the animated video, read the story and see the illustrations.  Click the logo on the right to buy the new full color 24 page disneyesque yet thoroughly modern family activity story ebook.


Learn To Tie A Tie Family Activity Story EBook

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If you’re looking for an original song for a friend, family member or even a hired performer to sing at your wedding, listen to “Today, I’m Getting Married” and see if it’s the song for you.  You can purchase the Vocals and Separate Musical Accompaniment on 1 MP3 file thru Itunes. Click on the Heart.  Click on the Heart.  Also available in Spanish.

Click the Icon at Left to purchase the printed book in English from Amazon or click on a link below for other online retailers:

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The Best Place To Find A Helping Hand Is On The End Of Your Own Arm.  Help Yourself Learn To Publish Your Book Today.

Reverbnation—This is a great place to upload your songs and videos.  People will find you through searches or you can link up to your profile from your website, your facebook pages or wherever you wish.  You can promote your music and your live performances through Reverbnation.  You can join for free but upgrading offers many more opportunities.  Check them out.

License your songs!

Tunecore—There are many places to get your songs and videos licensed but Tunecore is by far the best one stop shop around. is your best bet for registering, licensing and distributing your music and for getting paid for any sale or stream of your song from anywhere in the world.  Just look at this list of stores:  Itunes, 7digital, 8tracks, Akazoo, AmazonMusic, Amazon On Demand, Anghami, Claromusica, Deezer, eMusic, Google Play, Gracenote, Groove, Guvera, IHeartRadio, JB HI FI, Juke, KKBox, MediaNet, MixRadio, Neurotic Media, NMusic,, Rdio, Rhapsody, Saavn, Shazam, simfy Africa, Slacker, Spinlet, Spotify, TargetMusic, VerveLife, Wimp, Yandex Music, YouTube Music Key and Zvooq.  Your song will be available through all of these stores in every country they sell in.  Click the Tunecore link above to learn more about all of these places where you music will be distributed.


In fact, TuneCore will even register your compositions with music performance licensing organizations like BMI (, ASCAP  (, SESAC (, or SOCAN (  These are the organizations that make sure you, the songwriter or artist, get paid when your song is played in a public space, like a shopping mall or a restaurant or many other places.  They will even register your songs with Youtube to insure you are paid for plays there.


Register with Tunecore and they will take care of all of that for you.  Read all about TuneCore services at

NumberOneMusic—This website offers great opportunities for people to hear your music and for you to grow your fanbase.  You can also request song reviews through them.  It works a lot like Jango and Reverbnation.  You can post your music for free but of course, upgrading your membership will get you a lot more benefits.


Legend of the Blue Unicorn Graphic Novel by Sybrina Durant and Britt BrundigeDorp The Scottish Dragon In A Lone Star Story by Sandi Johnson and Sybrina Durant




Keeping Chelsea's Secret Historical Regency Romance Novel by Gina Rose and published by Sybrina DurantKeeping Chelsea's Secret Historical Regency Romance Novel by Gina Rose and published by Sybrina Durant