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Sybrina’s Phrase Thesaurus Tool


Do you ever use a dictionary or thesaurus? If so, you'll love this writer's aid. It is a great tool for those wanting to improve their writing skills or increase their command of the English language. 10s of 1,000s of creative phrases. 100s of descriptive categories. Fun to read, too.  Free Newsletter.



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Email: sybrina@phrasethesaurus.com

URL: http://www.sybrina.com



Learn To Tie A Tie Family Activity Story Book in English, Spanish and Tagalog

 Or download an unlinked ebook version for your Kindle for $0.99 from Amazon.  Click the icon at right  to go to directly to Amazon.

The Phrase Thesaurus is now available in many different formats. 

The first (1st) is “the tool” a PDF file which contains a linked Table Of Contents making it easy to jump to each category and sub-catatories. You can order it right here, right now, by credit card or Paypal for just $12.95.   Please Note: Sybrina’s Phrase Thesaurus is only available in English language. The PDF comes in a self extracting zip file which may be immediately downloaded after payment. (Download Requirements: 6 mg. hard drive space). The Adobe Acrobat PDF format works with all operating systems (Windows, MAC, etc.). 

The second (2nd) version is “text only” available in Kindle format for $0.99 or even FREE for Amazon Prime users.  It does not contain any links and is not as user friendly but all of the phrases are there to read. 

Order one or the other or both below.


 And the third (3rd)???  Well, the perfect book for most is one you can hold in your hand.  These 4 printed volumes are great for leisurely browsing with a convenient detailed index at the back of each book.  Take a look...

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